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Origin:  Brantford, ON


Genres:  Indie, Alternative, Rock


Years Active:  2018- Present


Label:  Cloud Jar



Short Bio
Born and Raised in the Philippines, Cloud Jar is an independent artist from Brantford Ontario. His experimental approach to music bespoken his exposure to different styles, cultures and genres. Driven by existential crisis and the desire to create, leave a legacy and self-expression, C-Jei Dorado Estrella decided to pursue his artist career in 2017 as Cloud Jar. Through the years of his artistic and musical explorations, he had learned the skills, techniques and instruments that he’ll need later on in his career. Gaining experiences in performing live playing Banduria with his fellow Rondalla Bandmates, he later on got into writing rap, poems, parodies, which led him to more experiences in musical collaboration. He later on joined a Church band that helped him in his quest to gain more knowledge and experience in music. He learned to play guitar, drums, keyboard, bass which gave him versatility. He also had some unsuccessful bands during and before he decided to go solo. His desire to write his own music made him do all that, including learning music production, which glued everything together. Writing his own songs, producing, recording, mixing, mastering, filming, editing, directing music video, and even marketing, he did it all on his own due to not having enough budget to hire professionals. From being exposed to different music genres at an early age, people with different beliefs, life experiences, and the Internet, he developed Love and Curiosity for Music, Art, Philosophy, Esoteric and Life in general. Music and art have been his way to cope and express the enigmatic nature of a being a human. His style and genre definitely speak for itself

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Coming Soon!

Label: Cloud Jar


Management: C-Jei Estrella |


Booking: C-Jei Estrella |



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