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You're one of the 41 Winners of my First ever Surprise NFT giveaway!!

Thank you! from the bottom of my heart!! :P

These are what you're getting:

 1 x Music NFT ( I pick what to give u :P)


 1 x Music NFT ( I pick what to give u :P)

Cloud Jar donethis.jpg

 1 x Cloud Jar Logo : Coffee and Cream

Cloud Jar doness.jpg

 1 x Cloud Jar Logo : Vanilla Cream

If you're here right now... you already got the first NFT. I'll send you the rest ASAP once you land on this secret page on my website :)

I want my family, friends, and early supporters to profit from this project. I'm still a small artist by the time I'm making this, but once Cloud Jar get bigger, the price of these NFTs will go up as well.
... feel free to sell those NFTs I gave you!

-Cloud Jar gets bigger (let's say I went viral on YT or Tiktok/ my music got discovered, etc...)

-The community around it will get bigger as well...

-Now you have more potential buyers of Cloud Jar's NFTs, and since there's a limited amount of them, you can sell them for whatever price you want since you own them

-You can also just keep them in your collections (not recomended but hey, it's yours now... you get to decide ;))

All I ask is... help me spread the word. Show some support, maybe tell your friends and family, stream my music, follow/subscribe to my socials/Youtube, etc... 

It's a win win for me and you, and I want to take you with me once I get there


Cloud Jar done2 for wixheader.png
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