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Let me explain this in few words...

It's like trading stocks/crypto. But instead of trading currencies/coins, you're trading artworks (music, paintings, files, gifs, jpgs, etc...) 

-You got one/some of my NFTs while I'm still a small artist

-My Price went up 

-My NFT price will go up as well

-Now you're worried if you're gonna sell my NFT cause someone wants to buy it, or hodl it for a chance to make more profits when the price get even higher. 

-That or...  Just keep em' in your collections. Forever... and ever...

hahaa!! nah.... sell em' if you have to. ;D

It's such a fun/brilliant way for artists to finally get the support they need, and at the same time, repay their loyal supporters, specially the first few people who believed in them.

Part of my quest is to awaken people through art. And this is my chance to awaken you... about this NFT thing. Cause it's gonna be the future, and if you believe in it early and invested in it... who knows where it would take you! 

Do yourself a favor and learn about NFT. Do a quick Google/Youtube search of your NFT Questions. You got this!

Cloud Jar's NFT Collection

Cloud Jar NFT Collections
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